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Welcome to Grihasthi


As its first product of masala manufacturers & spices manufacturers in India, Grihasthi introduced Powder masala manufacturer and masala supplier to its consumers which received immense success and was an instant hit. The consumers looked forward for more such quality products from us.


Grihasthi” brand synonyms purity. Our whole spices are not only used for cooking but also used for Ayurvedic medicines i.e. Sounth (Dry Ginger), Ajwain (Bishop’s weed), Golki (Black Pepper) etc.


It is said that winning the trust of the consumers is the most important factor in any business. Particularly in a business like ours meant no second thought. We not only maintain this trust but also continue to do .


We at Grihasthi Udyog believe both in a healthy nation and a healthy environment. A visit to our factory with its clean surroundings and green atmosphere speaks volumes of its strategic..

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